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Foto Hotel Adria Milano Marittima
Foto Hotel Adria Milano Marittima
Foto Hotel Adria Milano Marittima
Foto Hotel Adria Milano Marittima
Foto Hotel Adria Milano Marittima
sfondo del mare

Visit Mirabilandia

Reach Mirabilandia

Excitement, fun but also relax and wonder : all this and much more is Mirabilandia, the realm of fantasy that for years rouses thousands of tourists' adrenaline.


Reach Mirabilandia from our hotel is very easy and so you can only think to which attraction are going to visit first: maybe Reset, the park new entry, a mysterious adventure in a devastated New York where only the bravest will be able to move forward.

Divertimento a Mirabilandia

Do you prefer something more extreme? Mirabilandia offers I-speed, Oil Tower 1, Oil Tower 2 and Katun: real challenges that will catapult you with high speed that you feel your heart in your throat.


A real paradise also for children, unique attractions capable of stimulate fun and curiosity at the same time: Carousel, or Flying Arthur, the Crazy House or the Monosauro.

Mirabilandia per grandi e bambini
Attrazioni a Mirabilandia

A lot of shows are organized by Mirabilandia : the most famous is Police Academy where the stuntmen have starred in several television movies.


And also Misspray, Dancing Dreams, Dancing Queen: with big attention to all the details where music, dance and voice combine perfectly to give everybody's fun.


And don't forget Mirabilandia Beach, inside the park, where fun, animation, slides and dances will make your visit a perfect one.

Attrazione a Mirabilandia